My projects

Isn’t it much more important what I’m doing now and will do further on than what I did in the past? Just check out my LinkedIn profile for some mining of the past.

I do care about democracy #CivicTech. I like campaigning and movements. I engage with communities and content. I enable new business that’s why innovation is set to default. I’m a start-up, erm, stay-up entrepreneur. is a comprehensive, reliable, fast, and independent platform that collects and processes all available Swiss Open Government Data #ogd and its APIs. It visualizes automatically all political transactions and elections, present and past. Thus, connections are made transparent and comprehensible and offer a time-historical classification of democratic Switzerland – any beyond.

BON PLEIN enables business. We embrace complex business challenges. We master them and together we create a lasting impact – and we love doing it. We strive to make you successful and happy.

Teaching: Content Strategy

If you think, content marketing is something hot, please apply immediately for Europe’s first academic master program “Content Strategy” at FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences in Graz, and learn about the user’s needs and UX, change management, content strategy, production, management, and publishing tools and methods, as well as monitoring and controlling. I helped developing the curriculum and you’ll experience my teaching abilities there, too.

Hire me for…

  • Consulting on digitization, change management, governance, digital communications, social media, campaigning (political & non-profit & commercial), fundraising, public & government affairs, set-up & leading in-house incubators or innovation labs
  • Short-term management, interim management, maternity leaves
  • Challenging your existing strategies (workshops / research)

I’m available in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and beyond.

I work on hourly, daily, and monthly rates or for fixed-price projects.